Optometric Technology

An eye exam is no longer limited to checking your vision, measuring the pressure in the eye and taking a quick look inside it.  We can precisely map, measure, and quantify details throughout the eye.

Computerized Visual Fields

“We offer computerized visual field testing. The visual field test uses a set of flickering lines that are repeatedly presented in different areas of both central and peripheral vision to locate any loss of sensitivity in the field of vision of each eye.”

QuantifEye Flicker Photometer (MPOD)

“This is the QuantifEye Flicker Photometer which we use to measure the density of macular pigment. This instrument helps identify potential risk factors that are related to retinal disease, such as Macular Degeneration, as well as other visual performance challenges. ”

Computerized Topography

“We offer computerized topography that measures over 10,000 points on the surface of the eye and creates a topographical map that shows precisely where any distortions and irregularities are. This is particularly useful in contact lens fittings.”


“We take digital retinal color photos that allow us to examine small areas on your retina and see detail we would not easily see otherwise. It helps us to detect and manage eye and health conditions such as glaucoma, diabetes, and macular degeneration. It also gives us a permanent record for future comparison. ”

Optical Coherent Tomographer

“Our state of the art Optical Coherent Tomographer is a powerful clinical tool that quantifies the thickness of the Cornea, nerve fiber layer, and the Retina. This helps us determine the presence and progression of ocular conditions such as: glaucoma, corneal distortions, dystrophies, and thinning areas.”